Media Buying & Planning

Our team has over 10 years of experience conducting online media buys across all major online advertising platforms. Our experience spans throughout all of the popular types of online media buys such as: social, display, PPC, contextual, native, video and others.

A meticulous approach is taken for each campaign that is executed. The requirements and goals of the client are thoroughly analyzed & the target audience is identified.

We don’t take a conventional approach nor prefer a single advertising outlet – the channel, creatives, campaign set up as well as landing page are customized to ensure that the goals of our clients are met. Everything is custom built and set up based on the clients needs.

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Media research and development based on the campaign requirements.
Audience gathering and segmentation based on needs and long term goals.
Media planning and buying across a large number of online advertising outlets.
Layered retargeting: site, page, keyword, demographic, location, behavior.
On-page optimization to increase the (ROI) and overall conversion rate.
VAST/VPAID based video advertising campaign management.

Online Advertising Technology Consulting

We will audit your advertising network from a technological, strategical & business perspective and offer ways to enhance it. Technology-wise we look at your bidder, targeting features, server efficiency and propose necessary enhancements to improve your network. This includes but is not limited to: modifications to the bidding algorithm that will improve the buying & efficiency of the system, changes in the server infrastructure that will reduce running costs, features that are deemed necessary to attract more clients & improve the usability etc.

From a business & strategical perspective we analyze both your demand and your supply partners and propose ways the ad yield can be adjusted in order to sell more ad inventory, whether this is by scaling and optimizing the ad inventory from the current supply partners or on-boarding new ones. An audit is conducted on the complete technology stack and all the components involved such as: ad servers, DSPs, SSPs, DMPs, Creative Screening Tools etc… Once the audit is complete an optimal setup is recommended based on the needs of the client.

Services for Online Advertising Operations Management

These services are suitable for standalone publishers, as well as ad networks which need assistance managing their traffic, their supplier/sellers as well as their buyers and publishers. Some of the primary areas within this service include:

  • Manage the supply and demand of the advertising network.
  • Onboard/integrate new suppliers to the advertising platform.
  • Supervise the ad-trafficking of the network and ensure it happens seamlessly
    without any downtime.
  • Adjust the yield of online advertising inventory based on the needs of the buyers.
  • Serve as a primary point of contact to the suppliers of ad inventory and bare
    responsibility for any kind of advertising operations issues or inquiries.
  • Execute online advertising campaigns based on the requirements of the clients.
  • Conduct post-launch campaign optimization and management.

Services for established networks

These services are suitable for established ad networks which already have an operational advertising platform. Some of the primary areas within this service include:

  • Evaluate the technological infrastructure of the platform & propose ways to
    improve its work, streamline it, and make it more efficient. This include adding new features, enabling support for a specific type of traffic, modifications to the bidder etc…
  • Evaluate the advertising operations infrastructure of the network, including the current suppliers, type of traffic supplied and type of traffic bought. Based on this, propose changes to the supply and/or demand that will increase the ad trafficking and the revenue of the network.
  • Propose & design new features necessary to take the network to the next level
    and make it possible for the clients to increase their spending.
  • Work hand-in-hand with the developers to ensure the designed features are
    properly implemented, and are working as intended.
  • Take part in the testing and troubleshooting of the new features.
  • Provide insight as to how the management and overall operation of the
    advertising network can be improved.

Services for upcoming advertising networks

These services are suitable for companies that are in the process of building an online advertising technology. Some of the primary areas within this service include:

  • Screen the advertising technology concept as envisioned by the client, analyze
    each aspect of it in order to recognize all the requirements and create a report
    detailing the viability of the network, recognizing areas of improvement as well as additional features that need to be implemented.
  • Establish a technological infrastructure suitable for the clients’ needs.
  • Audit the network layout, features & roadmap and propose improvements.
  • Lead or help manage the overall development of the project and other aspects
    relating to its development.
  • Align the appropriate supply for the specific network type based on the needs of the clients.
  • Monitor & measure the ad trafficking metrics & overall performance of the network and its users.
  • Test & troubleshoot the designed features to make sure they’re working as expected.
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